Wednesday, April 19, 2006

In Duke lacrosse case: McClatchy headline bias

Here are a few Duke lacrosse headlines The McClatchy Company's Raleigh News & Observer's published in the last 24 hours:

Durham DA pursues third arrest

3rd suspect sought in lacrosse case

Finnerty's exclusive neighborhood in shock

Suspects in rape share background of privilege
The N&O's exec editor for news, Melanie Sill, has blasted national news organizations for "sensationalist" reporting. She's invited them to leave the Duke and Durham area.

Sill frequently cites The N&O's Duke lacrosse news reporting and columns as models of "fair" coverage.

The N&O's public editor, Ted Vaden, has a different view. He's made a number of criticisms of The N&O's coverage in two recent columns (here and here), including telling readers The N&O's publication of the the now infamous "vigilante poster" was "inappropriate."


straightarrow said...

Where is the headline pointing to lack of evidence of a crime?

So far, no one has reason to believe that a crime has been committed. How could a staff as "on top of the story", if not the young lady, miss that important distinction? Does it not smack of racial prejudice to further the unsubstantiated rumors. It would be wrong if a crime was evident and they rushed to condemnation of people so far proven to have had no contact with the self-professed victim.

To rush to condemnation of people proven, so far to have had no contact, with the self-professed victim of a so far non-existent crime is abhorrent.

Do these people have any idea how far out on the libel limb they are when the election is over and this prosecutor loses interest in losing a false case? There will have, at that time, been a lot of money spent and lives ruined. I suspect those real victims of the rush to condemnation will want some payback.

Printer's ink will not substitute for criminal DNA. This prosecutor is going to ruin everyone around him, except the lady he convinced to perjure herself. They will walk away. Everybody else will be in court for years.

JWM said...


"Where is the headline pointing to lack of evidence of a crime?"

You aced it.

Remembering that the last time I built a post around a comment of yours a troll "appeared" and envied you, are you OK if I use your "ace" for the opener of a post?

I'm going back-and-forth with The N&O's exec editor Sill at her blog answering her hits on me.

That's not really tough work but it takes time.

But I'll check back late tonight or in the morning.

Meantime, "thanks" to you and others for commenting.


straightarrow said...

You have my permission to use anything I put here anyway you wish. Blanket authority.

Locomotive Breath said...

Well, I just went over and blasted M.S. again. Not that it will do any good.

JWM said...

locomotive breath,

I saw your comment. Right on!

I followed up with one there that I'm going to turn into a post.

If enough of us speak up it may at least get The N&O to cool their reporting.

As I've said before: The N&O's reporting has made a very bad situtation worse, including more dangerous.

This unproofed.


Anonymous said...,8599,1184007,00.html

I can't believe more people aren't focusing on actions by the Durham police such as this, trying to get admissions of crimes that didn't happen.

Raleighite said...

The boys of la crosse brought to court in bondage, crucified by the press, the day after Easter yet!