Friday, April 21, 2006

My lead Duke lacrosse blogger

Signifying Nothing remains my lead blog for Duke lacrosse links and commentary.

SN blogger Chris Lawrence is a visiting professor in Duke's Political Science Department.

What's more, he lives in the Trinity Park neighborhood, just a few blocks from "the house."

Fervid media have taken to referring to the TP neighborhood as "the epicenter of this gang rape story which has pitted ..."

With all of that, I thought to say, "Chris has a front row seat at what's happening."

But his situation is better than that.

It's more like that of a guy with a box seat behind the dugout AND a pass to both teams' locker rooms.

Chris' commentary is informed and reasoned. He's a "follow the facts" blogger.

And as you would expect from a "follow the facts" blogger, he's quick to acknowledge occasional errors.

Give Chris and SN a look here, if you haven't already done so. Start at the top and keep scrolling down.


Chris Lawrence said...

Thanks, John, for the kind words. I'm swamped with grading this weekend, so posting may be slow, but I probably will return the favor with a link or three when my eyes start to bleed from reading papers sometime tomorrow...

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