Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What I’m saying to those retired generals

It seems all of you now speaking out in opposition to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld were intimidated by him while on active duty.

So what happened post-retirement that now, finally, you have the courage to form up and launch media attacks on the seventy-three year old secretary?

Did you all take one of those Outward Bound courses that are supposed to help us face our fears?

Or did you take one of those “Be more assertive” courses now available online for only $39.95?

Why don’t the six of you go on Oprah and tell us all about it.

Start by telling us how you used to sweat and tremble when Rumsfeld fixed you with a glare and asked, “Why?”

We’ll sob.

And when you get to something like standing atop the climbing wall that last day at Outward Bound, we’ll cheer.

I’ve got to go now and check whether I filed for a tax extension.

The IRS intimidates me. What about you guys?

I won’t tell.